Sandra | 16 | Sweden



Yes things have happened that are incredibly upsetting but acting or behaving with the same hate that anti-fans use is not the way to show your support. Be mature. Think before you react and try to see the situation from all perspectives. Don’t be blinded by biased opinions or reactions (and even conspiracy theories). More importantly, try to stay calm. If you want to do something to help, then kill the anti’s with kindness. Show them your support for JYJ can’t be beaten or destroyed. 

Now, for the notice:

There is reason to believe that anti-fans have either planned or are in the midst of planning an attack on JYJ or are specifically targeting one of its members. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has seen the consistent hate spam that has been sent to Jaejoong within the last few days. Now, the hate spam combined with the events of yesterday and today, the pattern is beginning to show itself.

As July 19th approaches, don’t be surprised if the anti behavior escalates. With that said, as soon as you see it, you’ll be able to recognize it and understand its just another anti-fan tactic. Either ignore it or report it but always counter it with messages of support to JYJ.

One more thing:

If the anti-fans are displaying illegal behavior then yes, C-JeS deserves the right to know about it. Other than that, do not send personal hate messages to C-JeS or staff on any of their official accounts. It becomes far easier for JYJ to become aware of anti-fan attacks and fan disagreements or “wars.” They do not deserve to be hurt or saddened by the actions of anti-fans or the bickering in the fandom.

Remember, anti-fans rejoice in being acknowledged by their target, seeing how it impacts them, and having their hate spread. Act rationally and don’t make it easier for anti-fans and their agenda.

More than anything else, send your support to JYJ. Drown out the hate on Twitter by bombarding them with positive messages.